Culture Bound – October

Culture Bound – October




Breaking The Code by Hugh Whitemore (Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington) A powerful biographical play about Alan Turing with a very good lead performance. See full review here ****

Gasping by Ben Elton (The Space, Docklands) A timely revival of a satirical  play from 1990 which examines the commodification of our air, climate change (very 2019) and yuppie culture. I did mostly enjoy this performance, but it was bit stuck in its time. The actors inhabited their parts well. However, some of the cue biting was very slow, which in a play reliant on high energy and snappy dialogue was most unfortunate and there were a few too many word fumbles for my liking. The multiple settings were quite well realized in the limited space and then was some good use of video projection. ***



Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng  Quite enjoyable although some soap operaish elements detracted. Full review here ***

I, Claudius by Robert Graves  I seem to remember this being much more enjoyable first time round. Full review here ***

Claudius The God by Robert Graves  Again it just doesn’t seem to have worn that well. Full review here ***


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