Getting sorted ….

Getting sorted ….

I’ve been spending some time lately trying to make this blog a bit more user friendly. So, here’s the lowdown…

As it’s mostly based on theatrical reviews, I thought it was about time I added an index to the blog so that anyone researching can more easily find what they are looking for. After all, in various shapes and form(at)s I covered about sixty shows last year, sometimes at length and sometimes more briefly. So if you want to look something up that isn’t current then probably the easiest way is to start with the overview index here. I’m considering adding other indexes (e.g. by author or venue) and would be interested to know if readers would find that helpful.


I have also added visual collages of my monthly round ups titled Culture Bound – just in case anyone wants to see what I’ve been up to without all that tedious reading nonsense! As well as theatre outings, the round ups include films, books, exhibitions and so forth. Those for last year appear here and a new page has been started up here for 2020. If you have been following these round ups, you’ll already know that I single out one play/film/book etc. as my Best of The Bunch each month. Past and forthcoming ‘winners’ are and will be summarised here.

It occurred to me while I was sorting all this out, that some regular followers (and those of a more casual persuasion) might not necessarily be aware of the origins of this blog 2nd From Bottom. In fact, it was born out of another earlier blog which had reached a natural conclusion. This was called Notes From The Bottom, a detailed account of my involvement with the Royal Shakespeare Company’s innovative production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For The Nation in 2016. This touring production visited 14 locations and at each a team of amateur performers was selected to play the Mechanicals – the amateur actors putting on a play within the story. I was part of the selected London team and landed the plum role of Bottom (hence the name of the two blogs). I worked for several months with a professional company culminating in shows at London’s Barbican and in Stratford-upon-Avon itself. As part of this wonderful process I decided to try and capture the whole experience in a blog. I had never tried my hand at blogging before so if you do take a look at it, I’ll apologise in advance for the rather hesitant start I made. I’d like to think my writing improved alongside my Shakespearean acting skills but you can be the judge by clicking here. It is now exactly five years since the initial auditions for this project took place and fired up my blogging career; it obviously had a lot to answer for!



Talking of judgement…. If you have any other comments about or suggestions for the blog, then please let me know via “comments”. And if you’re not a regular reader and fancy becoming one, then follow the blog or opt for email updates. Just click the relevant buttons.

Right, that’s the interval done – now on with the next act!