Normal service will be….

Normal service will be….

Well that’s torn it hasn’t it? Torn it to shreds, I’d say.

Those readers who have followed this blog for some time or even dropped in and out casually will know that its main reason for being is to review theatrical productions and allow it to follow the twists and turns of an amateur’s theatrical life. The fact is, everything has evaporated literally overnight.

It’s hard to believe that on this day last week I was happily watching and reviewing the show “Magic Goes Wrong” at the Vaudeville Theatre. The production is halted, and the venue closed down – along with just about every other West End and fringe production. This time last week I had several bookings in the diary for reviewing  and assessing upcoming shows, all blown away like dust in the wind as they have been forced to close. During the days I was avidly relearning lines to appear next week in an amateur production of Joe Orton’s Loot. Suddenly there it was – gone – as the amateur world perforce followed the professional.

Now, none of this is a complaint – far from it. These times are unprecedented and other people are losing things which are far more serious – their loved ones, their livelihoods, their freedom and contact with others. However, after five years of writing these occasional missives I think that on a personal level it is now more imperative than ever that I try and continue. If  nothing else, it gives me some intellectual stimulus and a point of contact with the outside world. Continuing to write and read is something that can still be done without any sense of fear and, for that reason, if no other, we should continue to do it.

So, for the moment the plan is to crack on – there’s always something to pontificate about. Just hope you’ll still give me the pleasure of your company and use it as a springboard for your own thoughts and responses. Keep well and keep strong.

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