Culture bound – November

Culture bound – November

Just on the cusp of coming out of another lockdown and then we will be into a new tiered system. Theatres in Tiers 1 (rather few and far between) and Tier 2 (including London) will be able to open with strict adherence to a set of rules. Those in Tier 3 will have to remain closed. And of course amateur theatre, because it is not a job of work but merely for fun (!!) will also have to bar the doors for the moment. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own rules. What this means is that, for now, online theatre remains a useful substitute for thousands of people across the country and that it looks like it will be best to keep this blog going in the same vein for some time yet.

However, so it’s not all doom and gloom there has been been an upsurge in quality over the last month or so to the point where, for the first time, my Pick Of The Bunch is going to have to be split between two shows as a dead heat.

Here’s the current overall stats:

Continuous number of days reviewing online = 234         

Online shows reviewed = 302

Most popular page = Online Theatre listings – accessed 2,500 times  

And now – the summary for November 2020

In the circumstances it seems inappropriate to offer star ratings for theatre productions as the same criteria simply cannot apply. However – all shows received a full review. Click on titles to access them.


What A Carve Up!

Henry Filloux Bennett from the novel by Jonathan Coe

Being Shakespeare

Jonathan Bate

Little Wars

Steve Carl McCasland

In The Absence Of Silence

Dave Carey

Incident At Vichy

Arthur Miller

The Beast Will Rise 1 – 5

Philip Ridley

The Beast Will Rise 6 – 10

Philip Ridley

The Beast Will Rise 11 – 15

Philip Ridley

King John

William Shakespeare

Richard II

William Shakespeare


Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

True West

Sam Shepard


Henrik Ibsen

Agent Venture

The Adventure Is Real

User Not Found

Chris Goode

Girls Like That

Evan Placey

Henry IV, Part One

William Shakespeare

Henry IV, Part Two

William Shakespeare

Henry V

William Shakespeare


Mike Bartlett

Mrs Goldie v The World

Nicky Goldie

The Poltergeist

Philip Ridley

The Barren Author

Paul Birch

Crip Tales

Mat Fraser, Tom Wetworth, Genevieve Barr, Jack Thorne, Jackie Hagan & Matilda Ibini

Porgy & Bess

George & Ira Gershwin and DuBose & Dorothy Heyward

The Zero Hour

Andrew Quick and Peter Brooks

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Stewart Crowther from the original by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Shadow

Sam Essame

Death Of England

Clint Dyer and Roy Williams

An American In Paris

George & Ira Gershwin and Craig Lucas

Crime Of The Century

Dave Carey and Christina Niering


John Logan

The rest of the year’s online theatre reviews can be accessed via the index here


Best Of The Bunch (joint winners)

What A Carve Up!  AND The Poltergeist

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