The Poltergeist (Online review)

The Poltergeist (Online review)

Reposting this blog as this phenomenal play and performance is currently being encore streamed by Southwark Playhouse. One of my 20 For 2020 highlights (

2nd from Bottom

I am constantly thrilled by the power of theatre to surprise; such a surprise happened yesterday when I watched The Poltergeist by Philip Ridley being livestreamed from Southwark Playhouse by theatre company Tramp. Ridley’s previous play, The Beast Of Blue Yonder, was due to be premiered by the same company at the same venue back in the spring but was clobbered by the first coronavirus lockdown. This new play could have gone the same way as it was conceived and rehearsed as a live event; how cruel that lightning should strike twice when production was so imminent. However, it being a monologue it was deemed safe to perform it without an audience and I, for one, am glad that they did. Now, usually I like to mull over a piece of drama for a while before coming to a conclusion but in this instance I felt so absolutely sure…

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