Rose (Online review)

Rose (Online review)

Reblogging this review as the play is on Sky Arts TV tonight as part of Holocaust Memorial Day. A sensational performance from Maureen Lipman

2nd from Bottom

You will need to be sharp to catch Rose, as it is only available for three days (September 10 – 12); and you should, because very good it is. This streamed play from the pen of Martin Sherman is performed by Maureen Lipman from the currently empty Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester in support of the charities: Age UK, The Fed, and UK Jewish Film. Unlike many of the monologues currently on the internet, this is a full-length play in two halves and containing a well-constructed beginning, middle and end. The central and only part requires an actor of skill, nuance and stamina and in Maureen Lipman’s tour de force performance that is what we are treated to for over two hours.


Rose (in fact Rose Rose) is eighty and sitting shiva (a period of ritual mourning) following the passing of a young girl. Who this is does not…

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