Viper Squad (Online review)

Viper Squad (Online review)

Reblogging this on the occasion of AlrCtrlRepeat’s reboot version which opens tonight. Best wishes to the production

2nd from Bottom

Ahh the 1980s – I remember that decade! The big hair, the shoulder pads, the red braces and leg warmers, Loadsamoney and conspicuous consumption, Sloane Rangers and Yuppies, Thatcher and Regan, casual (and not so casual) racism and sexism – what a decade! And through it all ran a certain type of action thriller – Die Hard, Miami Vice, Magnum PI, Lethal Weapon, Police Academy – well, perhaps not the last one. And it is this genre that the latest piece of interactive online theatre from CtrlAlt_Repeat seeks to emulate following their earlier lockdown success with Sherlock Holmes. Rejoicing in the name of Viper Squad, this is an homage to every film that ever had foreign villains, hostage situations and above all a ticking time bomb. And, despite the fact that I’d lay even money that many of the cast weren’t even alive or in their infancy then…

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