Living The Dream: Act 2

5 years ago today …..

Notes From The Bottom

D16 Call Wednesday 18th May

The emotional effects of a big experience shouldn’t be underestimated especially when you are recalling events through the written word. Thus I finished yesterday’s post in a bit of an emotional state. Fortunately the mood shifted fairly rapidly when David sent me some photos among which was an “interesting” snap of me in a onsie worn as part of the Pyramus outfit. As the pose struck might loosely be termed “provocative” I won’t inflict it on you – you might have recently eaten. My other discovery of the morning was that I had, apparently, broken Pyramus’ sword onstage in full view. I had absolutely zero recall of this and nobody had said anything after the show. It only came to light when I got a friend’s message asking how the breakage had been stage managed.

20160518_153216Looks like I’m not the only tired one – would…

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