Public Domain (Online review)

Public Domain (Online review)

Reposting as this online success moves into the west End for live performances

2nd from Bottom

Bloody Donald Trump! That man seems to have the ability to upset everybody and everything he comes into contact with and that includes an online livestreamed play … but I anticipate myself. Last night saw the premiere performance of a new musical piece called Public Domain live from Southwark Playhouse. It is a work that has been in gestation for a long time – the programme notes state that it went into development about a year ago and the world is now obviously a very different place. It was due to play before Christmas but unfortunately got postponed and it seemed yesterday that some sort of curse was hanging over it. There was a considerable delay at the start and halfway through the first number the plug had to be pulled and the show restarted. It’s more than a little ironic that this show about being on the internet seemed…

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