Fringe Five

Fringe Five

The Edinburgh Fringe wraps up today and as I’ve spent the last three weeks or so sampling what’s on offer I thought I’d pause momentarily to pick out just a few highlights. It’s been an odd year (again!); 2020 was a completely online affair but this year it’s been a hybrid of live and online events – some 800 or so of them. Obviously I can only comment on the latter and even then I saw just 25 of them. Here’s my top 5:



Hear. Speak. See from Expial Atrocious. The dinner party from hell and you’re the guest of honour. An unsettling interactive experience which wasn’t quite like anything else on offer. The trio also wins my “best group name” award. Full review here



The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign written and performed by Joanne Hartstone. First relayed live from Adelaide, Australia and then on demand. A look back to the “glory days” when landing a film role involved more than simply auditioning. The show also wins my “came from furthest away award”. Full review here



Wolf written and performed by Lewis Doherty. A revival of a wild and crazy 2018 show performed as part of Shedinburgh. How one person can do so many voices and a myriad of vocal sound effects is a wonder to behold. The show also wins my “I’m in awe” award. Full review here



Look, No Hands written and performed by Lila Clements. An uplifting and delightfully performed piece based on a real incident in the life of the writer. It featured bicycles and life cycles in equal measure and was a celebration of human indomitability. The show also wins my “feelgood factor” award. Full review here

And at 1


Metamorphosis from HiJinx. This freewheeling adaptation based on Kafka’s original was played out live online and contained a number of surprises which disturbed,  thrilled and amused. A joy from start to finish – If only all online theatre was like this. The show also wins my “would love to see it again” award. Full review here

I’m afraid the awards, like the  shows themselves, are only virtual but they are genuinely meant. And now, it’s back to normal……

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