Dog/Actor (Review)

Dog/Actor (Review)

Reblogging this review as this touring show is currently playing The Etcetera Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe before heading up to Edinburgh

2nd from Bottom

Steven Berkoff’s work, and indeed the man himself, has always had the ability to divide the crowd but his work is invariably recognisably distinctive. It has even led to an adjective being coined in his honour – Berkovian. This is used to describe the eclectic mix/hodgepodge (take your choice) drawn from practitioners like Artaud and Brecht, using an extreme physicality and mime techniques and combining aspects from genres as diverse as Japanese Noh/Kabuki, British music hall and ancient Greek drama all topped off with a healthy dollop of Shakespeare. Much of this, and more besides, is evident in a touring production of two of his shorter pieces Dog/Actor being mounted by Threedumb Theatre. I caught up with the pairing in (for me) far flung Wimbledon as part of their Fringe Festival.


The production has been developed over a number of years, with a previously planned tour banjaxed by the pandemic…

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