During the UK’s pandemic, 2nd From Bottom specialised in reviewing online theatre in the form of recorded material, live streams or shows constructed through media platforms such as Zoom. Between April 1st 2020 and December 31st 2021 reviews were continuous on consecutive days

So by JANUARY 1 2022 …

Consecutive days reviewing online theatre = 640

Total online shows reviewed = 1,000

Online reviewing now continues, alongside regular theatre reviews, though in a rather less frantic form!

My regularly updated Theatre Online listings and separate Young People’s list  are supplemented by updates on Twitter and Facebook.

A full list of  online theatre reviews can be accessed here


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A note on the blog name: My first blog Notes from the Bottom covered 18 months of my involvement with the project A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For the Nation working with The Royal Shakespeare Company. This reached a natural conclusion in the summer of 2016. After that there was only one title to choose for the follow up….

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