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Life Of Pi

Life Of Pi

Reposting this review as the show starts its official run. This is a stage experience not to be missed

2nd from Bottom

It’s only happened a handful of times in my theatre going life but last night I had the urge to leap to my feet and instigate a standing ovation. In fact, I felt that way as the interval arrived, the show was that good …. and it only kept getting better from there. The occasion was the long delayed production of Life Of Pi reaching the West End. It is absolutely outstanding in just about every single aspect and features at least half a dozen moments which drew huge intakes of breath from the capacity crowd, they are that astonishing. And yes, it did get the standing ovation as the audience rose as one immediately the play finished.


Maybe it’s partly because we have all been denied the live experience for so long but there was a marked sense of a special occasion and anticipation as the auditorium filled. The…

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