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Online reviews index

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Odds On Daphna Attias and Terry O’Donovan
10 Minutes To Call Home: Invisible Boundaries Sarah Tarbit
10 Minutes To Call Home: Star Fish Niall McCarthry
10 Minutes To Call Home: Off Peak Ellen McNally
A Taste Of Honey Shelagh Delaney
He Do The Waste Land In Different Voices T.S. Eliot
#VoicesFromUkraine 2: Stand Up For Ukraine Bréon Rydell
#VoicesFromUkraine 2: A Dictionary Of Emotions In A Time of War Yelena Astasyeva
10 Minutes To…Call Home: Amai Vangu – My Mother Mandi Chivasa
10 Minutes To…Call Home: Sheltered Rebecca Glendenning-Laycock
10 Minutes To…Call Home: Blyth Spirit John Hickman
Death Of England Clint Dyer & Roy Williams
10 Minutes To…Call Home: Gutter Weeds Benjamin Storey
10 Minutes To…Call Home: yu can’t start revolutions sitting on yr arse gobscure
10 Minutes To…Call Home: Watching And Waiting  Olu Alakija
The Machine Stops E.M. Forster adptd. by Philip Franks
Isla Tim Price
Grenfell Richard Norton-Taylor
#VoicesFromUkraine: The Peed-Upon Armored Personnel Carrier Oksana Gritsenko
#VoicesFromUkraine: Otvetka Neda Nezhdana
Earth & Fire, Water & Air Vince LiCata
The Hades And Persephone Project Devised by Trinacria Theatre
Fizzy Sherbet: Scientific Fernanda Rocha
Fizzy Sherbet: Eulogies Lashay Green
Fizzy Sherbet: May Day Grace Chapman
Aidy The Awesome The Gramaphones (devised)
Fizzy Sherbet: Blue Caridad Svich
Fizzy Sherbet: The Dream Machine Sonja Ferdinand
Fizzy Sherbet: Diagnosis Atehna Stevens
Fizzy Sherbet: White Tuesday Eve Leigh
Fizzy Sherbet: Jellyfish Blooms Maria Bjørn
Fizzy Sherbet: Special Occasions Amy Ng
Abigail Stephen Gillard & Laura Turner
Dr Blood’s Old Travelling Show Andrew Quick & Pete Brooks
Meat Factory David Raynor
Prisoner C33 Stuart Paterson
Fizzy Sherbet: …blackbird hour babirye bukilwa
Fizzy Sherbet: Swan Song Buhle Ngaba
Fizzy Sherbet: Lemons Tamara von Werthern
Nothing But Pleasure David Benson
A Story Of Change Verba Shadow Group
Lost Soul Animal Rescue Gary Mok
New Mystery Plays: David And Goliath Roy Williams
New Mystery Plays: Samson And Delilah Katie Hims
New Mystery Plays: Exodus J Parks
New Mystery Plays: The Flood Lin Coghlan
New Mystery Plays: Creation Sean Buckley
The Hound Of The Baskervilles Steve Canny & John Nicholosn adptd. from Arthur Conan Doyle
What Will George Do? Chris Haughton
Twits In Love Tom Alan Robbins
Skint: Unicorn Rachel Trezise
Skint: The Taking Of Balgrayhill Street James Price
Skint: Heart Of Glass Jenni Fagan
Skint: Regeneration Gabriel Gbadamosi
Skint: Hannah Kerry Hudson
Skint: No Grasses No Nonces Byron Vincent
Skint: I’d Like To Speak To The Manager Lisa McGee
London Assurance Dion  Boucicault
Cells 2 Burton Morgan & Ben Glasstone
Naming The View Richard Curnow
Oliver Twist Charles Dickens adptd. by Bryony Lavery
The Red Marcus Brigstocke
5 Women: Now & Then Angharad Ormond & Lucy Moss
No Man’s Land Harold Pinter
A Leap In The Dark Ron Hutchinson
Life Is A Radio In The Dark Will Eno
All About Eve Joseph L Mankiewicz
Listen In: An Empty Room Kay Greyson
Listen In: The Interval Richard Boggie
Listen In: The Last Laugh Lauren Pattison
Rossetti’s Woman Joan Greening
Picasso Terry d’Alfonso
Listen Up: Roots Food Jaz Craddock-Jones
Listen Up: Giraffe Julie Tsang
Listen Up: Mystery Tour Hannah Sowerby
The Most Dangerous Woman In America Andrew Turner
Listen Up: Hearing Voices Richard Boggie
Listen Up: Jigsaw Beth Nolan
Listen Up: Laundry Assad Zaman
The Highwayman Motley Crew from the poem by Alfred Noyes
Listen Up: Transmission James Piercy
Listen Up: Contactless Elijah Young
Listen Up: There’s Nothing To Worry About Julie Burrow
All The King’s Men Chronic Insanity
The Miser Moliere
Almost Adult Charlotte Anne-Tilley
The Bolds Julian Clary & Simon Wallace
The Mystery Of The Raddlesham Mumps Murray Lachlan Young
Kipps: The New Half A Sixpence Musical George Stiles, Anthony Drewe & Julian Fellowes 


East Is East Ayub Khan Din
Walden Amy Berryman
A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens adptd. by Tom Morris
Anything Goes Cole Porter, P.G. Wodehouse & Guy Bolton, revised by Timothy Crouse & John Weidman
Rumpelstiltzchen Michael Nunn & William Trevitt
Starship Titanic Douglas Adams & Terry Jones adapted by Ian Billings
Shrek David Lindsay-Abaire & Jeanine Tesori
Winter Solstice Roland Schimmelpfennig 
5 Plays Of Christmas 5: My Door Mandi Chivasa
5 Plays Of Christmas 4: The Whale Washed Up On Christmas Eve Sarah Tarbit
5 Plays Of Christmas: Skeletons In Cullercoats Benjamin Storey
5 Plays Of Christmas: Those Yet To Come Ellen McNally
5 Plays Of Christmas: The End Of Term Show Olu Alakija
The Astonishing Singing Fish Tice Oakfield
Masque Kate Webster
Beauty And The Beaat: A Comic Relief Pantomime For Christmas The Dawson Brothers
Three Sisters Inua Ellams after Anton Chekhov
Into The Night Frazer Flintham
Anna X Joseph Charlton
Christmas Tales 2020 Chickenshed
Decameron Nights Robin Brooks adptd. from Boccaccio
Merry Xmas Holly And Ivan Christina Berriman Dawson and Richard Dawson
Love From… Ali Pritchard
Hedda Gabler Henrik Ibsen in a version by Patrick Marber
Dance Til You Bleed: The World According To Hans Christian Andersen Lucy Catherine adptd. from stories by Hans Christian Andersen
Jack And The Beanstalk: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto Peter Rowe
Ghost Stories From An Old Country Tajinder Singh Hayer
The Silence And The Noise Tom Powell
Some Of Us Exist In The Future Nkenna Akunna
Forgotten Voices David Moorhead
Attack Of The Wolfdogs Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari
Shell Shock Tim Marriott & Neil Blower
Puss In Moon Boots Sleeping Trees & Ben Hale
Cinderella Peter Duncan
Sherlock In Homes 3: Murder At the Games Peter Baker
Theatre For The Ears: The Eternal Sailor Derek Chan
Theatre For The Ears: Starman Pippa Mackie
Anna Christie Eugene O’Neill
How A Man Crumbled Clout Theatre
Various Lives Of Infinite Nullity Clout Theatre
Dracula: The Untold Story Andrew Quick & Pete Brooks
How I Hacked My Way Into Space Jon Spooner
My Love Lies Frozen In The Ice Dead Rabbits Theatre
Take Me To The World Stephen Sondheim
Death Of England: Face To Face Clint Dyer & Roy Williams
Enter Mr Citrus Man Mia Juhl
Tartauus And Other Stories: Tartarus Simon Perrott
Tartauus And Other Stories: Spaced Cowboy Simon Perrott
Remembrance Martin South
Strange Meeting Colin Guthrie
The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekov in a version by Andrew Upton
Constellations Nick Payne
Kiss Me, Kate Cole Porter
Rogers And Hart And Hammerstein Sarah Wooley
The Tailor Of Inverness Matthew Zajac
School Girls; or The African Mean Girls Play Jocelyn Bioh
The Mystery Of Syleham Manor Pat Whymark
Suddenly Last Summer Tennessee Wiliams
Paradise Kae Tempest
Solitaire Ian Dixon Potter
Infantophobia Ian Dixon Potter
The Spitfire Club Alfie James
In The Still Of the Night Have We Wept Devised by John Haswell
Into Battle Hugh Salmon
Darlington 1950 Anne Wright
Shakes Versus Shav Bernard Shaw
O’Flaherty, VC Bernard Shaw
Sudden Connections: A Love Letter To Penelope Cruizer Caroline Williams
Sudden Connections: Lessons Taught To Boys And Girls Muneera Pilgrim
Sudden Connections: Retail Therapy Ash Kayser
Sudden Connections: The Season Of Burning Things Asmaa Jama & Gouled Ahmed
Sudden Connections: All The Threads You Left Behind Anna Rathbone
Death Of A Salesman Arthur Miller
Wrong Place Wrong Time Steve Byron
Bacon Knees And Sausage Fingers Steve Byron & Gary Kitching
Transhuman Ian Dixon Potter
Call Back Ian Dixon Potter
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow Devised by Lou Stein
Accidental Birth Of An Anarchist Luke Ofield
Earth Makes No Sound Osnat Schmool & Sabina Netherclift
Where’s My Igloo Gone? Devised by The Bone Ensemble
Wilf Goes Wild Sarah Middleton & Josh Sneesby
Dinosaurs And All That Rubbish Roustabout adptd. from Michael Foreman
Climate Change Catastrophe Devised by Cap-a-Pie
Deadhouse: Xanadu Glen Neath
Deadhouse: Salem Glen Neath
Deadhouse: Bethlehem Glen Neath
Marlowe’s Ghost Ian Dixon Potter
The System Emily Head
Blowin’ In The Wind Devised by Lou Stein
Salt Selina Thompso
Georgie And the Knight Nicky Cox
Myths And Adventures From Ancient Greece: Theseus And The Minotaur Hannah Khalil
Myths And Adventures From Ancient Greece: Midas Hannah Khalil
Myths And Adventures From Ancient Greece: Persephone Hannah Khalil & Muna White
Myths And Adventures From Ancient Greece: Pandora Hannah Khalil
Kafka The Musical Murray Gold
Birdwatching Miranda Barrett
The New Normal Ian Dixon Potter
Love In The Time Of Corona Ian Dixon Potter
One Man Poe Edgar Allan Poe
Women In War Alfie James
100% Chance Of Rain Devised by Lou Stein
I Don’t Dance Ron Fernee
Pause Laura Lindow
Street: Jean Devised by Andrew Quick & Simon Wainwright
Street: Tilly Devised by Andrew Quick & Simon Wainwright
Street: Keith Devised by Andrew Quick & Simon Wainwright
Street: Alex Devised by Andrew Quick & Simon Wainwright
Street: Karen Devised by Andrew Quick & Simon Wainwright
Airlock: The Only Ones Andrew Quick, Simon Wainwright & Pete Brooks
Airlock: Writer’s Block Andrew Quick, Simon Wainwright & Pete Brooks
Airlock: The Cosmonaut Andrew Quick, Simon Wainwright & Pete Brooks
The Triumph Of Evil Ian Dixon Potter
Iago Ian Dixon Potter
The Kids Are Alright Various
Top Girls Caryl Churchill
Tales Of A Reluctant World Traveler Randy Ross
Old Hats Bill Irwin, David Shiner & Shaina Taub
Timeless Brian Coyle
Joe Drinks Wine And Gives Themsleves A Haircut Nat Henderson
Rocket Girl Steve Byron
Fully Amplified: Hidden Disabilities Destiny Adeyemi, Sasha Bond, Grace Bryant, Imani & Jade Wilkinson 
Fully Amplified: Belly Of The Wolf Alexandra Wood
Fully Amplified: Geometries Of Love And Power Marinella Mezzanotte
Fully Amplified: Snow Globe babirye bukilwa
Trivial Dispute Ian Dixon Potter
Confession Ian Dixon Potter
The Hairy Ape Eugene O’Neill
Fully Amplified: Old Dough Abi Zakarian
Fully Amplified: Hunger Ava Wong Davies
Fully Amplified: Aunty Tanya Loretta Dee
Going The Distance Henry Filloux-Bennett & Yasmeen Khan
Ruptured Duck Alfie James
Scroll: Wash Face Keep Face Bridget Minamore
Scroll: Night-time Visions Sampira
Scroll: Page A Day Adam Lenson
Scroll: Love Letter To Us Tabby Lamb
Scroll: (Don’t) Spill The Tea Chris Sonnex
Scroll: Silent Disco In The Sky Daniel York Loh
Scroll: Hear Ths S*** Rebekah Murrell
Scroll: Wecome To You New Day Daniel Bye
Scroll: 5 Minute Wake Up Leo Skilbeck
Home Nadia Fall
Tales From The Golden Age: The Beast Ian Dixon Potter
Tales From The Golden Age: DNA Ian Dixon Potter
Tales From The Golden Age: Inside Blue Ian Dixon Potter
Tales From The Golden Age: A Strange Romance Ian Dixon Potter
In Other Words Matthew Seager
The Glad Game Phoebe Frances Brown
My Boy Danny Alfie James
Pod Plays: Bathroom Ben Lewis
Pod Plays: Park Lee Mattinson
Pod Plays: Pub Timothy X Atack
Pod Plays: Bed Ed Harris
Pod Plays: Living Room (Can’t Get You Out Of My head) Charlotte Bogard Macleod 
Orpheus Alexander Flanagan-Wright & Phil Grainger
Closer Than Ever Richard Maltby Jnr & David Shire
My Night With Reg Kevin Elyot
Sleeping Beauty  – Dream On Louise Perry
Antigone Sophocles in a version by Don Taylor
Scenes For Survival: Isolation Jenni Fagan
Scenes For Survival: Domestic Uma Nada-Rajah
Scenes For Survival: Future Perfect [Tense] Nicola McCartney
Scenes For Survival: The Maid’s Room Lynda Radley
Scenes For Survival: Credo Liz Lochhead
Scenes For Survival: Danni The Champion Iain Finlay Macleod
The York Mystery Plays Adapted by Juliet Forster &  Kelvin Goodspeed 
Scenes For Survival: Disco With Mum Hannah Lavery
Mustard Doesn’t Go With Girls Devised
Scenes For Survival: Wednesday Tena Štivičić 
Toothache Emily Patterson Hindle 
Scenes For Survival: Dirlo Am Fear Maireann (Dirlo The Survivor)  Iain Macrae
Ram Of God Theodora van der Beek
Scenes For Survival: The Mass Launching Of Jawline Sabbatical Alan McKendrick
Can I Live? Fehinti Balogun
Scenes For Survival: Three Billion Swipes Corinne Salisbury
Young Vic Digital: The Roof Nigel Williams
Young Vic Digital: Hear Us…A Digital Zine…TimeTo Listen Devised
Young Vic Digital: Columbite Tantalite Chiwetel Ejiofor
Young Vic Digital: Astoria Paul Mason
Young Vic Digital: Connection Laura Wade & Nicolai Khalezin
Scenes For Survival: The Present Stef Smith
Young Vic Digital: Mayday Nancy Harris
Young Vic Digital: The Departure Andrew O’Hagan
Young Vic Digital: Under My Barbie Duvet Annie Jenkins
Young Vic Digital: Nora Carrie Cracknell & Nick Payne
Young Vic Digital: Bed Trick Joe Hill-Gibbins
Scenes For Survival: Birdie’s Dilemma Apphia Campbell
Radio 69 Hollie Avery, Zoë Robertson & Holly Sargent 
Scenes For Survival: John Rebus- The Lockdown Blues Ian Rankin
Under Milk Wood Dylan Thomas
Scenes For Survival: Longest Summer Scott Gilmour & Claire McKenzie
A Theatrical Life Siobhan Bremer & Daniel Munson
Scenes For Survival: Getting Close Kathy McKean
Meet Me At The Edge Merceedes Kemp
Scenes For Survival: Running Out Àine King
Found Abi Zakarian
The Rime Of The Second Sister Abva Wong Davies
Scenes For Survival: Sore Afraid Micahel John O’Neill
The Covid-19 Trilogy: I Just Called To Say Rani Moorthy
The Covid-19 Trilogy: Fake Chris Barlas
The Covid-19 Trilogy: One Of A Kind Rachael Halliwell
Scenes For Survival: Ian And Sheena Robert Softley Gale, Richard Conlon & Gail Watson
From Up Here Aaron Lee Lambert
Scenes For Survival: Scott And Laura Rona Munro
Flux – Digital Smoking Apples
Scenes For Survival: Call To Adventure Finn Anderson
Hansard Simon Woods
Scenes For Survival: How We Roll Janice Galloway
The Container Clare Bayley
Scenes For Survival: Babe Rainbow Ian Low
Salomé Oscar Wilde
Scenes For Survival: Bees David Greig
Things I Know To Be True Andrew Bovell
Scenes For Survival: Happy Ark Day Andy Edwards
Till Love Do Us Part Kirsty Halliday
My Left Nut Michael Patrick & Oisin Kearney
Scenes For Survival: The One With The Lockdown Meghan Tyler
Being An Actor – 50 Years On Simon Callow
Scenes For Survival: Aleister Crowley Summons The Devil Denise Mina
Under The Floorboards Simon Shaw
Scenes For Survival: The Park Andy McGregor
Wolf Lewis Doherty
Scenes For Survival: Fatbaws Douglas Maxwell
Syd Arthur Smith & Kevin Day
Scenes For Survival: The Banshee Greg Hemphill
Sugar Mabel Thomas
Marrying Jake Gyllenhall Melissa Center
Scenes For Survival: First Things Val McDermid
Look, No Hands Lila Clements
Scenes For Survival: The Quiz Isobel McArthur and Sanjeev Kohli
The Sean And Gerry Breakfast Show Jack Gallagher, Niall McCarthy & Fintan Morrison 
Hear. Speak. See Expial Atrocious
Scenes For Survival: A Soup Song Stewart Ennis
Metamorphosis Devised piece based on Franz Kafka’s original
The Little Glass Slipper As Performed By The Queen Of France And Her Friends Cara Johnston
Scenes For Suvival: Larchview Rob Drummond
Saving Wonderland Attilio Rigotti, Kevin Hammonds, David Andrew Laws & Jacob Thompson
Scenes For Suvival: Listen To Me Catherine Grosvenor
Wild Waxflower Sianne Faye
Murmur Susanne Colleary
Scenes For Suvival: Naeb’dy Greg McHugh
Bette Davis Ain’t For Sissies Jessica Sherr
Call Me Elizabeth Kayla Boye
Scenes For Survival: Squeezy Yoghurt Bea Webster
Looking For América Federico Julián González & Janet Moran
Scenes For Survival: Clearing Morna Pearson
52 Souls Nat Henderson & Joe Strickland
Get Your Life Back Lewis Taylor & Alexandra Craveiro
Scenes For Survival: 68 Days In Waiting Nelly Kelly
On Blueberry Hill Sebastian barry
Scenes For Survival: Courier Culture Kevin P. Gelday
Jigsaw Small Creatures from an original idea by James Cunningham
Lost In Love Nathan Kean & Megan Bowie
Scenes For Survival: Out Of The Woods Johnny McKnight
Scenes For Survival: Alone Janey Godley
My House Charlotte Lubert
The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign Joanne Hartstone
Sexy Lamp Katie Arnstein
Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons Sam Steiner
Home, I’m Darling Laura Wade
Tales From The Golden Age: Denial Ian Dixon Potter
The Scarlet Cross James O’Neill
We’ll Dance On The Ash Of the Apocalypse Melissa Kelly-Franklin
Tree Confessions Jenny Lyn Bader
Lift Craig Adams and Ian Watson
Red Breast Lotte Holder Chronic Insanity
Lemon Kurd Nick Maynard
Jam Tart Rhiannon Owens
Write Hear: Fly Girl Tania Amsel
Write Hear: Rocks Neil Bebber
Write Hear: Wild Woman Wolf Child 4th Jane Spurr
Write Hear: By Candlelight James Pickthall
Write Hear: No Home For A Kraken Charlotte Turnbull
Lovesong Abi Morgan
The Nine O’Clock Problem Dan O’Neil
Honestly Sincere Liza Birkenmeier
A View From The Bridge Arthur Miller
Around The World In 80 Days Jules Verne adptd. by Toby Hulse
The Cancellation Of Crispin Cox Michael Conley
Masks And Faces Tom Taylor
The Whole Shebang Jack Klaff
Mooncake Nicola T. Chang & Isabella Leung 
Cunch Maria McKennel
Being Mr Wickham Adrian Lukis & Catherine Curzon
Bored Of Knives Kitty Fox Davis & Megan Louise Wilson
Chewing Gum Dreams Michaela Coel
Siren James Dillon
Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope Mark Farrelly 
A Cold Supper Behind Harrods David Morley
Couples Sean Grennan
Tom Lehrer Tom Lehrer & Stefan Bednarczyk
Queers: Bee Jade Anouka
Queers: I Threw It Travis Alabanza
Everyman Adapted by Carol Ann Duffy
Tales From The Thames Rebecca Brewer, Vickie Donoghue & M G Boulter
Recognition Amanda Wilkin
Mr and Mrs Nobody Keith Waterhouse
A Splinter Of Ice Ben Brown
21 Chump Street Lin Manuel Miranda
Mrs Noah Fights Back April de Angelis adptd. by Poppy Abbott
East Steven Berkoff
Barnes’ People: Losing Myself Peter Barnes
Barnes’ People: Billy And Me Peter Barnes
Barnes’ People: Rosa Peter Barnes
Barnes’ People: A True Born Englishman Peter Barnes
Helium James Turner
Black Is The Color Of My Voice Apphia Campbell
Over There Mark Ravenhill
A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) Jon Brittain & Matthew Floyd Jones
Murder On The 12:32 To Bristol Sam Cochrane
Finding Percy Erebus Amelia Mehra, Catherine Manwaring, Helen Cox & Susannah MacDonald
Wilde Without The Boy Oscar Wilde adptd. by Gareth Armstrong
Ian McKellen On Stage Ian McKellen
All The Different Ways Commodore Matthew Perry Could Have Died Before Opening Japan But Didn’t Julia Izumi
The Little Hours Caridad Svich
The Girl Who Was Very Good At Lying Eoin McAndrew
The Girl Next Door Alan Ayckbourn
Adorable Dora Rosemary Ashe
The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School Jaclyn Backhaus
On The Line Dessa
Not About Heroes Stephen MacDonald
Dara Shahid Nadeem adptd. by Tanya Ronder
Knot Glen Neath
Leather Peter Scott-Presland
Touchy: Max’s Story Keith Saha & James Cast
Touchy: Sophie’s Story Anita Welsh
Touchy: Ella And Ste’s Story Julia Samuels
Touchy: Jazz’s Story Faye Donna Francis
Touchy: Jemell’s Story Mal Lidgett & Keith Saha
An Evening With Flanders And Swann Michael Flanders, Donald Swann & Stefan Bednarczyk
Home?: Then And Now Natasha Walter
Home?: The Displaced Viet Thanh Nguyen
Home?: Now I’m Gonna Get Paid Dina Nayeri
Getting Better Slowly Nick Wood
I Want My Hat Back Joel Horwood & Arthur Darvill after Jon Klassen
Humane Polly Creed
Eng-er-land Hannah Kumari
Lone Flyer Ade Morris
Ode To Joyce Cheryl Knight
A Passion Play Margaret Perry
Darling Tabby Lamb
Insomniac Alexis Coward
Devil’s Food Cake Marcia Kelson
Cloak Of Visibility Louise Breckon-Richards
All My Sons Arthur Miller
Nevergreen Gus Mitchell
The Final Approach Thom Jordan
Always On My Mind Liam Alexandru
Finney’s Ghost David Fox
Doody Caitlin Magnall-Kearns & Aaron Hickland
Am I A Terrible person? Ant Lightfoot
Loss & Hope: The Gift Rafaella Marcus
Loss & Hope: This Is A Man Luke Barnes 
Loss & Hope: We Have Sinned  Tife Kusoro
Hugs Tears And Replacement Bus Services  Eden Harbud
Breaking Up With Reality Eden Harbud
My Father Punished Me When I Talked To Ghosts Noga Flaishon after Edwin Crowe
Angela Mark Ravenhill
Lifted: Dawn’t Stop Believeing Eva Scott
Lifted: Busking It Danusia Samal
Lifted: TFT Tabby Lamb
Broken Link Noga Flaishon
SpaceXPat Vince LaCata
The Rape Of Lucrece William Shakespeare
Two Horsemen Biyi Bandele
Gutenberg! The Musical! Scott Brown & Anthony King
Welcome To Iran Nadia Fall
Touching The Void David Greig after Joe Simpson
Hole Hannah Morrish
Lovefool Rachel E. Thorn
A Brief List Of Everyone Who Died Jacob Marx Rice
Love In The Lockdown Clare Norburn
Severed Heads: Beware The Truffle Man Justin McDevitt
Severed Heads: Aggie Cracks The Case Justin McDevitt
Severed Heads: The Dolls Themselves Justin McDevitt
Angels In America: Perestroika Tony Kushner
Angels In America: Millenuium Approaches Tony Kushner
Herding Cats Lucinda Coxon
Volpone Ben Johnson
The You Plays: The Haunted Woman Rafaella Marcus
The You Plays: small acts Rafaella Marcus
The Line Jessica Blank & Erik Jensen
The Last Five Years Jason Robert Brown
Rapunzel Lou Stein & Dave Carey
Rocky Road Shaun McKenna
Julie Polly Stenham after August Strindberg
Severed Heads: Mr Sandman Is Following You Justin McDevitt
Severed Heads: Paul’s Afternoon Shift Justin McDevitt
Severed Heads: Martha Arbogast And Her Kingdom Of Earthly Delights Justin McDevitt
There’s Something Among Us Joe Strickland
Flavour Text Megan Gates, Charlotte Holder, Ruth Mestle, Harry Smith & Sophie Whitebrook
Folk Nell Leyshon
Avenue Q Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Cells P. Burton-Morgan and Ben Glasstone
Suddenly Jordie Race-Coldrey and Dean Gild 
The Sorrows Of Satan Luke Bateman and Michael Conley after Marie Corelli
Consent Nina Raine
House Mother Normal B.S. Johnson adptd. by Tim Crouch
A Killer Party Rachel Axler, Kait Kerrigan, Jason Howland & Nathan Tysen
Pale Sister Colm Toibin
One Half Of Two Phoebe Noble
Mosquitoes Lucy Kirkwood
Tarantula Philip Ridley
Money Isla van Tricht
J’Ouvert Yasmin Joseph
Hysterical: A Hilarious History Ofl Hysteria Rebecca Buckle
Adam Frances Poet
The Meaning Of Zong Giles Terera
Orpheus In The Record Shop Testament
Buttercup Dorcas Sebuyange
Vespertilio Barry McStay
Medea Euripides in a version by Ben Power
Anthropocene: The Human Era GymJam
Private Peaceful Michael Morpurgo adptd. by Simon Reade
Perfect David Spicer
The Gas Heart Tristan Tzara adptd. by Joshua Wiliam Gelb
Planet Of The Grapes Peter Michael Marino
The Secret Connection Dr Will Houstoun
Behind The Beautiful Forevers David Hare after Katherine Boo
Cruise Jack Holden
Harm Phoebe Eclair-Powell
Letters That Changed The World Various
Half Breed Natasha Marshall
Dedication Nick Dear
Really Want To Hurt Me Ben SantaMaria
Sitting Katherine Parkinson
Yerma Simon Stephens after Lorca
The Great Gatsby The company based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel
Sadie David Ireland
Playfight Julia Grogan
The Temporal Society Sid Phoenix, David Alwyn & the cast
An Elephant In The Garden Michael Morpurgo adptd. by Simon Reade
Vanya And Sonia And Masha And Spike Christopher Durang
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Tennessee Williams
Company Stephen Sondheim & George Furth
24, 23, 22 Douglas Deans
Means Of Production Joe Strickland & Rebecca Saw
The Two Noble Kinsmen John Fletcher & William Shakespeare
Billy The Kid Michael Morpurgo adptd. by Tony Graham
First Date Alan Zachary, Michael Weiner & Austin Winsberg
Hairy Hands FM Joe Strickland & Hannah Parsons
Monster Brad Birch
Parlour Song Jez Butterworth
The Comedy Of Errors William Shakespeare
The Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe
Pericles William Shakespeare
Earwig: Fortunes Luke Sutherland
Earwig: Slug Love Jo Clifford
Earwig: The Last Dance Morna Pearson
Earwig: Tikka Johnny McKnight
Earwig: There Is Still Something Yet To Discover Bryony Lavery
Earwig: The Deadlift Stef Smith
Assembly Nina Segal
Party ?
Dust Laura Dockrill
The Duchess Of Malfi John Webster
Titus Andronicus William Shakespeare
The Christopher Boy’s Communion David Mamet
The Picture Of Dorian Gray Henry Filloux-Bennett adapted from Oscar Wilde
White Rabbit Red Rabbit Nassim Soleimanpour
Chatroom Enda Walsh
Some Old Black Man James Anthony Tyler
A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields
Peter Pan Goes Wrong Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields
Cymbeline William Shakespeare
Letters Live (International Women’s Day) Various
Burn Sheila Atim
Putting A Face On Kiri Pritchard-McLean
Aisha (The Black Album) Regina Taylor
Not The Messiah Eric Idle and John du Prez (based on Monty Python’s Life Of Brian)
The Merry Wives Of Windsor William Shakespeare
Julius Caesar William Shakespeare
One Hand Tied Behind Us: Mother’s Little Helper 1963 Jeanette Winterson
One Hand Tied Behind Us: Imagine That Kit de Waal
One Hand Tied Behind Us: Contactless Maxine Peake
One Hand Tied Behind Us: Betsy Ella Hickson
All’s Well That Ends Well William Shakespeare
In Camera- Huis Clos Jean-Paul Sartre
Late Night Staring At High Res Pixels Athena Stevens
Blood Meal Scott R. Sheppard
I Am Sending You The Sacred Face Heather Christian
Cato Street 1820 David Benson
Lem ‘n’ Ginge: The Princess Of Kakos Mary Higgins & Ell Potter
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Richard Hough & Ben Morales Frost
Grimm Tales For Fragile Times And Broken People Creation Theatre based on the Brothers Grimm
Troilus And Cressida William Shakespeare
Metamorphosis 360 Emily Louizou adapted from Franz Kafka
Hymn Lolita Chakrabarti
Sherlock In Homes: Murder On Ice Devised by Sharp Teeth Company
Bard Heads:Happy As Larry Jules Hobbs & Richard Curnow
Bard Heads: The Queen’s Speech  Jules Hobbs & Richard Curnow
Bard Heads: The Whirligig Of Time Jules Hobbs & Richard Curnow
The Crucible Arthur Miller
Good Grief Lorien Haynes
The White Plague Alexander Raptotasios 
Myth Sam Cassidy
Valentine’s Sketch Show Northern Comedy Theatre
Two Gentlemen Of Verona William Shakespeare
Private Lives Noel Coward
The Whip Juliet Gilkes Romero
Beautiful Thing Jonathan Harvey 
Sugar Catrina McHugh
The Censor Hannah Khalil
Tobacco Road Devised by Incognito Theatre Company
Viper Squad Remastered James Dillon & CtrlAltRepeat
Shook Samuel Bailey
The 39 Steps Chris Hawley adapted from John Buchan
6 Degrees Below The Horizon Andrew Quick & Pete Brooks
Henry VIII William Shakespeare
Deidre Of The Sorrows John Millington Synge
The Twits Roald Dahl
Clever Cakes Michael Rosen
Paper Aeroplane Devised by Claire Burns, Michael Consalves & Amber-Rose May 
Telling Tales: Marvel Mabel’s Final Act John-Paul Jones
Telling Tales: Stasis Mum Matthew Wixey
Telling Tales: the Box Sassy Holmes
Telling Tales: The Virtual Dream Gary Wilson
Telling Tales: The Last Fire Breathing Tunnel Digger Mark Orbine
Telling Tales: Screen Test Chloe Banks
Bard Heads: The Dust Behind The Door Jules Hobbs & Richard Curnow
Bard Heads: Call Me Oz Jules Hobbs & Richard Curnow
Bard Heads: The Third Witch From The Left Jules Hobbs & Richard Curnow
Richard III William Shakespeare
Flight Paths Glen Neath
Rush Willi Richards
Truth To Power Café Jeremy Goldstein
Snowflake EP Lewis Cornay
Henry VI, Part Three William Shakespeare
Henry VI, Part Two William Shakespeare
Henry VI, Part One William Shakespeare
The Fabulist Fox Sister Luke Bateman & Michael Conley
Not So Quiet On The Welsh Front Natalie Wilcox
Press Play Here: Ribena Daniel Ward
Press Play Here: Jack And The Beanstalk – The Potted Panto Robert Hyman
Press Play Here: Meet Mo Leo Butler
Press Play Here: Le Cabaret De Rien Alexander Luttley
Press Play Here: Romani Girl Ambreen Razia
Good Enough Ted McGrath
Rosegold Donna Kay Yarborough
Cupid’s Corner Parade Stone
Walk Of Shame Stephanie Silver & Amelia Lovsey
Avalanche Simon Fraser (with Jack Albert Cook)
Staged 2 Simon Evans
Public Domain Francesca Forristal & Jordan Paul Clarke
Shipwreck Anne Washburn
Come To Where I Am: Youth’s Folly Callum Beardmore
Come To Where I Am: Barrel Rock Yasmin Wilde
Come To Where I Am: 2 Km From Killaloonty Little John Nee
Come To Where I Am: Walking With Mum Olivia Preye
Come To Where I Am: Roots Jacob Hodgkinson
Come To Where I Am: No Place Tom Wentworth
Come To Where I Am: Flat Kat Woods
Come To Where I Am: Crop Circles Tash Marshall
The Well Of the Saints John Milligton Synge
Bard Overboard: A Global Pandemic Holiday Special  Harris Solomon
Alive Jenny Stafford
Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday Chris Harris
Don’t Know Him From Adam J.J. Leppink
This Evil Thing Michael Mears
Lazarus David Bowie & Enda walsh
Anton’s Uncles Anton Chekov in a version by Tina Kronis & Richard Alger
Uncle Vanya Anton Chekov in a version by Conor McPherson
The 7th Voyage Of Egon Tichy Josh Luxenberg adapted from Stanislaw Lem
The Neighbor Joshua William Gelb adapted from Franz Kafka
A History Of Water In The Middle East Sabrina Mahfouz
Letters Live From The Archive Various
S-27 Sarah Grochala
The Room Harold Pinter
The Snow Queen Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto Peter Rowe


The Haunting Of Alice Bowles Philip Franks from an original by M.R.James
Until The Flood Dael Orlandersmith
Miss Saigon Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg & Richard Maltby Jnr
Mischief Movie Night In Mischief Theatre
Cinderella – A Comic Relief Pantomime For Christmas  The Dawson Brothers
Potted Panto Daniel Clarkson, Jefferson Turner & Richard Hurst
War Horse Nick Stafford from the original by Michael Morpurgo
Dick Whittington Jude Christian and Cariad Lloyd
Doing The Business David Spicer
Alice’s Adventures In  Wonderland Chickenshed from the original by Lewis Carroll
The Railway Children Mike Kenny from the original by E. Nesbit
The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Garai Jones from the original by L. Frank Baum
The Old House Kate Maravan
Kinky Boots Harvey Fierstein and Cyndi Lauper
The Legend Of Moby Dick Whittington Sleeping Trees
The Ministry Of Christmas David Spicer
Snow White In The Seven Months Of Lockdown John Savournin and David Eaton
The Emperor’s New Clothes Olivia Mace from the original by Hans Christian Andersen
A Christmas Carol Olivia Race from the original by Charles Dickens
Aladdin Ben Crocker
Jack And The Beanstalk – The Garden Panto Peter Duncan
Streaming Beauty Sharp Teeth & Tom Marshman
Peter Pan Alan Pollock from the original by J.M. Barrie
Doing The Pub Quiz Michael Spicer
Cyrano de Bergerac Edmond Rostand (trans. Antony Burgess)
Eternal Glen Neath
Petrichor Devised by ThickSkin
Show Boat Jerome Kern & Oscar hammerstein
Doing Whodunit Michael Spicer
42nd Street Harry Warren & Al Dubin, Michael Stewart & Mark Bramble
The Flying Lovers Of Vitebsk Daniel Jamieson with songs by Ian Ross
Ruby Neil Bebber
Breathe Neil Bebber
Phèdre Jean Racine adptd. by Ted Hughes
Haunting Julia Alan Ayckbourn
Red John Logan
Crime Of The Century Dave Carey and Christina Niering
An American In Paris George & Ira Gershwin and Craig Lucas
Death Of England: Delroy Clint Dyer and Roy Williams
The Shadow Sam Essame
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Stewart Crowther from the original by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Zero Hour Andrew Quick and Peter Brooks
Porgy & Bess George & Ira Gershwin and DuBose & Dorothy Heyward
Crip Tales: The Shed Matilda Ibini
Crip Tales: Paper Knickers Jackie Hagan 
Crip Tales: Hamish Jack Thorne
Crip Tales: Thunderbox Genevieve Barr
Crip Tales: The Real deal Tom Wentworth
Crip Tales: Audition Mat Fraser
The Barren Author Paul Birch
The Poltergeist Philip Ridley
Mrs Goldie v The World Nicky Goldie
Phoenix Mike Bartlett
The Ghost Caller Luke Barnes
Henry V William Shakespeare
Henry IV, Part Two William Shakespeare
Henry IV, Part One William Shakespeare
Girls Like That Evan Placey
User Not Found Chris Goode
Agent Venture The Adventure Is Real
Ghosts Henrik Ibsen
True West Sam Shepard
Emilia Morgan Lloyd Malcolm
Richard II William Shakespeare
King John William Shakespeare
The Beast Will Rise: Cactus Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Rosewater Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Snow Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Puzzle Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Night Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Star Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Performance Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Eclipse Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: River Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Telescope Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Wound Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Origami Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Chihuahua Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Zarabooshka Philip Ridley
The Beast Will Rise: Gators Philip Ridley
Incident At Vichy Arthur Miller
In The Absence Of Silence Dave Carey
Little Wars Steve Carl McCasland
Being Shakespeare Jonathan Bate
What A Carve Up! Henry Filloux Bennett from the novel by Jonathan Coe
Bump In The Night David Spicer
The Rocky Horror Show Richard O’Brien
Host Sam Essame
Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster Conrad Murray, David Cumming and Germane Marvel
The Puppetmaster Lucy Kaufman from a story by Chris Murray
The Signalman Ida Tidy from a story by Charles Dickens
Frighteners: Shall I be Mother? Darren Bird
Frighteners: Waiting Room Julian Kaufman
Frighteners: The Strange Tale Of WW Jane Walker from a story by Edgar Allan Poe
Frighteners: The Nightmare Jonathan Kaufman, 
Frighteners: Three Wise Monkeys Lucy Kaufman from a story by Chris Murray
Dr Faustus Christopher Marlowe
Artemisia: Light And Shadow Nahma Sandrow
Cookies Emily Jenkins
War Of The Worlds Jeff Wayne (based on H.G. Wells’ novel)
Viper Squad CtrlAlt_Repeat from a story by Sid Phoenix
Continuity Gerry Moynihan
The University Of Wonder And Imagination Paul Bosco McEneaney/Cahoots NI
Nine Lives  Zodwa Nyoni
Rage Chloe Todd Fordham
Water babirye bukilwa
Time Jessica Butcher
Cats Andrew Lloyd Webber & T.S. Eliot
Abigail’s Party Mike Leigh
Apollo 13: The Dark Side Of the Moon Torben Betts
Globaleyes Devised
Adding Machine: A Musical Jason Loewith & Joshua Schmid (based on Elmer Rice’s play)
Night Harold Pinter
In A Nutshell Ben Duke
Funny Girl Jule Styne, Bob Merrill & Isobel Lennart (book revised by Harvey Fierstein)
The New Tomorrow… Various
Mr Poe’s Legendarium Clown Funeral
Crongton Knights Alex Wheatle adptd. by Emteaz Hussain & Conrad Murray
How To Occupy An Oil Rig Daniel Bye
Sunnymead Court Gemma Lawrence
No Milk For The Foxes Conrad Murray & Paul Cree
The Shadow Of The Glen John Millington Synge
Riders To The Sea John Millington Synge
Doing The Book Club David Spicer
No Masks Rebecca Lenkiewicz
Love Never Dies Andrew Lloyd Webber, Glenn Slater (with input from 3 others)
The Phantom Of The Opera Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charles Hart & Richard Stilgoe
An Idea Come To me Richard Popple
Death Of A Hunter Rolf Hochhuth
Sherlock In Homes: Murder At the Circus Devised by Sharp Teeth Company
Before After Stuart Matthew Price & Timothy Knapman
Romantics Anonymous Michael Koman, Christopher Dimond & Emma Rice
Pandemic Fight Carmelita Tropicana
Palm Reading Daniel Bye
Letters Devised by Nadia Albina & Tim Crouch
A Marvellous Party Noel Coward
Buried Child Sam Shepard
Jerry Springer: The Opera Stewart Lee & Richard Thomas
The Wind In The Willows George Stiles, Anthony Drewe & Julian Fellowes
Billy Elliot Lee Hall & Elton John
The Boss Of It All Jack McNamara
King Lear William Shakespeare
Faith Healer Brian Friel
Great Expectations Charles Dickens adptd. by Jo Clifford
The Mystery Of Charles Dickens Peter Ackroyd
Look Back In Anger John Osborne
Into The Woods Stephen Sondheim & James Lapine
Heart Of Darkness Joseph Conrad adptd. by Andrew Quick & Pete Brooks
Blue Moon David Kinder
Signs Of Life Hannah Crouch
Rockpool Alexander Wiseman
Backbone Louis Turner
Rose Martin Sherman
Five Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist Yes Yes No No
The Tempest William Shakespeare
The Old Tune Samuel Beckett
Krapp’s Last Tape Samuel Beckett
Three Kings Stephen Beresford
Shielders Matilda Ibini
The Winter’s Tale William Shakespeare
Memoirs Of An Asian Football Casual Riaz Khan adptd. by Dougal Irvine
When The Eye Has Gone Dougie Blaxland
Waiting For The Ship To Sail Devised
The Water Cooler ** Uma Nada-Rajah
Matterhorn ** Amy Rhianne Milton 
Doomsdays ** Conor O’Loughlin 
Rabbit Catcher ** Rebecca Martin
The Price Of Everything Daniel Bye
Showstopper! The (Socially Distanced!) Improvised Musical The cast
Showstopper! The Improvised Musical The cast
My Arm ** Tim Crouch
The Ockendon Witch Richard Margrave
For Quality Purposes The cast, Craig Stephens and James Yarker
Beyond The Fringe Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller & Dudley Moore
Declan ** Kieran Hurley
Those Girls ** Abigail Cook
Proxy ** Heather Alexander
Removed ** Fionnuala Kennedy
Contemporary Political Ethics (or, How To Cheat) ** Jamie Cowan
Things We Chose To Save Clown Funeral
Wasted Christopher Ash & Carl Miller
At Home With The Brontes ** Joan Greening
Behind The Fridge Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
The Playboy Of The Western World John Millingon Synge
September Skies Jessica Butcher
Enough Abi Zakarian
Spirit Of Carnival Emma Dennis-Edwards
The Unknown Island Jose Saramago adptd. by director Ellen McDougall & Clare Slater
Lockdown Drag-Out ** Jane Martin
Now Maybe Sunbeam ** Justin Maxwell
Front Window ** Karen Louise Linton
A Young Man Dressed As A Gorilla…..12 ** ?????
Stranded ** Marcia Kelson
The Plague Thing ** Marcia Kelson
Albion Mike Bartlett
The Greatest Wealth 2020s: First, Do No Harm Bernardine Evaristo
The Greatest Wealth 2010s: The Nuchess Seiriol Davies
The Greatest Wealth 2000s: Choice And Control Matilda Ibini
The Greatest Wealth 1990s: Family Room Couttia Newland
The Greatest Wealth 1980s: Speedy Gonzales Lolita Chakrabarti
The Greatest Wealth 1970s: Sister Susan Moira Buffini
The Greatest Wealth 1960s: Rivers Meera Syal
The Greatest Wealth 1950s: At The Point Of Need Paul Unwin
The Greatest Wealth 1940s: Boo Jack Thorne
The School For Scandal Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Ghost Quartet Dave Molloy
The House Of Bernarda Alba Federico Garcia Lorca
Matchbox Theatre Michael Frayn
Haunted ** Nia Williams
After The Turn: The Mystery Of Bly Manor ** Henry James adpt. by George Cooper and Ellie Hardwick
At The Ghost Light ** J.J. Lepnik
Ghost Light ** Hope Dickson Leach
Place Prints: Poison Cross David Rudkin
Place Prints: Here We Stay David Rudkin
Alice: A Virtual Theme Park Zoe Seaton (featuring Charlotte Keatley)
Birdsong Sebastian Faulks adpt. by Rachel Wagstaff
Timon Of Athens William Shakespeare
Watching Rosie Louise Coulthard
Moment Of Grace Bren Gosling
Measure For Measure William Shakespeare
Place Prints: Where There Is No More Sea David Rudkin
Place Prints: To The Waters And The Wild David Rudkin
Place Prints: These Clouded Hills David Rudkin
Place Prints: Nemeton David Rudkin
It’s True. It’s True. It’s True Breach Theatre
As You Like It William Shakespeare
Scrounger Athena Stevens
The Secret Love Life Of Ophelia Steven Berkoff
Place Prints: Cave Girl/From The Stone Age David Rudkin
Place Prints: Grim’s Ditch David Rudkin
Place Prints: Off The Motorway David Rudkin
Place Prints: River, Of Course David Rudkin
The Taming Of The Shrew William Shakespeare
What I Heard About The World Third Angel & mala voadora
Jane Clegg St. John Ervine
The Evidence Chamber Rachel Briscoe
The Persians Aeschylus
Carousel Rogers & Hammerstein
Institute Gecko Theatre
Time Of Your Life Gecko Theatre
Approaching Empty Ishy Din
Writing The Climate: A Fire Is Burning Brogen Campbell
Writing The Climate: Time Machines Luke Dunne
Writing The Climate: What We Tell Our Children Kc Gardiner
Writing The Climate: Zero Anna Pryce
Writing The Climate: Tuesday’s Surprise Livestream Joanna Woznicka
Writing The Climate: In Waiting For The Hangman’s Noose Chad Nickson
Writing The Climate: Whaddya Mean XR  Kieton Saunders-Browne
As Waters Rise Ben Weatherill
The Chairs Eugene Ionesco
The Merchant Of Venice William Shakespeare
I Cinna (The Poet) Tim Crouch
Jigsy Tony Staveacre
Amadeus Peter Shaffer
Great Apes Will Self adpt. by Patrick Marmion
Within Joseph Furey
The Tell-Tale Heart Edgar Allan Poe
Othello William Shakespeare
The Tailor-Made Man Claudio Macor
her Dominic Hingorani
Guantanamo Boy Dominic Hingorani adptd. from Anna Perera
Mood Music Joe Penhall
The Deep Blue Sea Terence Rattigan
Lockerbie: Unfinished Business David Benson
“Dr Whom?” My Search For Samuel Johnson David Benson
Talking Heads: The Shrine Alan Bennett
Talking Heads: Miss Fozzard Finds Her Feet Alan Bennett
Talking Heads: The Hand Of God Alan Bennett
Talking Heads: Nights In The Gardens Of Spain Alan Bennett
Toast Nigel Slater (adptd. by Henry Filloux-Bennett)
Oedipussy Spymonkey and Carl Grosse
Lungs Duncan Macmillan
Talking Heads: Bed Among The Lentils Alan Bennett
Talking Heads: The Outside Dog Alan Bennett
Talking Heads: A Chip In The Sugar Alan Bennett
Talking Heads: Playing Sandwiches Alan Bennett
Les Blancs Lorraine Hansberry 
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Symmetrical Mailshot CtrlAlt_Repeat from a story by Sid Phoenix
Watson: The Final Problem Arthur Conan Doyle adptd. by Bert Coules
Waiting For Hamlet David Visick
Talking Heads: Her Big Chance Alan Bennett
Talking Heads: Soldiering On Alan Bennett
Talking Heads: An Ordinary Woman Alan Bennett
Talking Heads: A Lady Of Letters Alan Bennett
Hamlet William Shakespeare
Love In Spymonkey
The Grinning Man Carl Grose, Tom Morris, Tim Phillips & Marc Teitler
Expectations Of Great Expectations Charles Dickens adptd. by Mark Izzard
A Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare
The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Adam Long, Daniel Singer & Jess Winfield
William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Ian Doescher
Doing Shakespeare David Spicer
Every Last Trick Georges Feydeau adptd. by Tamsin Ogleby
Heads Up Kieran Hurley
Declan Alistair Hall
Small World Andrea Levy adptd. by Helen Edmundson
Macbeth William Shakespeare
Contractions Mike Bartlett
Love, Love, Love Mike Bartlett
The Mikvah Project Josh Azouz 
Rockets And Blue Light Winsome Pinnock
Shoe Lady E.V. Crowe
A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens adptd. by Spymonkey
Staged Simon Evans
The Habit Of Art Alan Bennett
The Madness Of George III Alan Bennett
The Croft Ali Milles
The Element In The Room John Hinton & Jo Eagle
Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking John Hinton & Jo Eagle
Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare
Stiff Spymonkey
Unprecedented: Everybody’s Talkin’ Chloe Moss
Unprecedented: Batshit Jasmine Lee-Jones
Unprecedented: Central Hill Nathaniel Martello-White
Unprecedented: The Night After Joseph Azouz
Unprecedented: The Unexpected Expert Matilda Ibini
Unprecedented: Kat And Zaccy Deborah Bruce
Unprecedented: Fear Fatigue Prasanna Puwanrajah
Unprecedented: Grounded Duncan Macmillan
Unprecedented: Huse Party April De Angelis
Unprecedented: Safer At Home Anna Maloney
Unprecedented: Romantic Distancing Tim Price
Unprecedented: Going Forward John Donnelly
Unprecedented: Penny Charlene James Ray
Unprecedented: Viral James Graham
A Monster Calls Devised by the company from novel by Patrick Ness
Coriolanus William Shakespeare
Reasons To Be Cheerful Paul Sirrett and Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Suzy Storck Magali Mougel
Revisor Crystal Pite & Jonathan Young
The Complete Deaths Spymonkey, Tim Crouch & William Shakespeare
Think No Evil Of Us David Benson
Top Story Sebastian Michael
This House James Graham
The Understudy David Nicholls (adptd. by Henry Filloux-Bennett)
The Hunting Of The Snark Annabel Widoger & Gareth Cooper
Anno Domino Alan Ayckbourn
Moby Dick Spymonkey
Hysteria Spymonkey
Love Alexander Zeldin
The Way Out Nicholas Mark Harding & Omid Djalili 
A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams
Love’s Labour’s Won William Shakespeare
Love’s Labour’s Lost William Shakespeare
Origin Of Species… John Hinton
The Beanfield Breach Theatre
It Is Easy To Be Dead Neil McPherson
The Midnight Gang David Walliams (adptd. by Bryony Lavery & Joe Stilgoe)
The Encounter Simon McBurney
Barbershop Chronicles Inua Ellams
Midnight Your Time Adam Brace
Sea Wall Simon Stephens
Fragments: Come And Go Samuel Beckett
Fragments: Neither Samuel Beckett
Fragments: Act Without Words 2 Samuel Beckett
Fragments: Rockaby Samuel Beckett
Fragments: Rough For Theatre 1 Samuel Beckett
I, Banquo Tim Crouch
Only The Brave Rachel Wagstaff, Matthew Brind & Steve Marmion
The Turning Point Michael Dobbs
By Jeeves Alan Ayckbourn & Andrew Lloyd Webber
Antony and Cleopatra William Shakespeare
North Country Tajinder Singh Hayer
Zara Mind The Gap
Bed Seven Simon de Cintra
Goodbye: The (After) Life Of Cook And Moore Jonathan Hansler & Clive Greenwood
A Separate Peace Tom Stoppard
About 500 Simona Hughes
Frankenstein Mary Shelly (adptd. by Nick Dear)
The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby* Charles Dickens (adptd. by David Edgar)
Thirty Million Minutes* Dawn French
Bubble* Kieran Hurley
Off The Grid* David Lane
What Once Was Ours* Chris Ewell
Amsterdam* Maya Arad Yasur
Mushy: Lyrically Speaking* Pravesh Kumar & Raxstar
Wise Children* Angela Carter (adptd. by Emma Rice)
Twelfth Night* William Shakespeare
Night Of The Living Dead – Remix* Imitating The Dog
Lights Over Tesco Car Park* Jack Bradfield/Poltergeist Theatre
The Delight Of Dogs And The Problems Of People* Rosalind Blessed
Fulfilment* SharkLegs
Blood Orange* Tania Amsel
What The Butler Saw* Joe Orton
The Importance Of Being Earnest* Oscar Wilde
Fleabag* Phoebe Waller- Bridge
Treasure Island* Robert Louis Stevenson (adptd. by Bryony Lavery)
Drawing The Line* Howard Brenton
Key Change* Catrina McHugh
The Murderer* Clown Funeral
Flowers For Mrs Harris* Rachel Wagstaff & Richard Taylor
An Ideal Husband* Oscar Wilde
Jesus Christ Superstar* Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber
Wonderland* Beth Steel
Jane Eyre* Devised by the company from novel by Charlotte Bronte
My Perfect Mind* Edward Petherbridge & Paul Hunter
Going Viral* Daniel Bye
Cyprus Avenue* David Ireland
Timpson, the Musical* Sam Cochrane, Chris Baker, Theo Caplan & Tom Slade.
Desperately Seeking The Exit* Peter Michael Marino
A Woman Of No Importance* Oscar Wilde
I, Peaseblossom* Tim Crouch
One Man Two Guvnors* Richard Bean
Wild* Mike Bartlett
Oklahoma Rogers & Hammerstein
Lady Windermere’s Fan Oscar Wilde
The Dock Brief John Mortimer
I, Malvolio Tim Crouch

*Original #30Plays30Days project

** Edinburgh Festival/Fringe