Cruise (Online review)

Cruise (Online review)

Reposting my review of this excellent one man show now that it has gone live at the Duchess Theatre

2nd from Bottom

With venues heading rapidly to a point where they can reopen soon, the theatre world is caught in a kind of limbo as online productions start scaling back and live performances begin to seem more than a far distant glint in the eye. One way of getting round this scenario is to attack on both fronts at once and that is the route taken by the play Cruise. It opened online yesterday and runs until 25th April; then on 18th May it is set to reopen the Duchess Theatre in the West End. It is a small scale production with extraordinarily large ambitions centred on the writer/performer Jack Holden whose full on powerhouse performance will hold you in awe for ninety minutes.


It’s a very personal story for Holden who came up with the idea after volunteering for Switchboard, the LGBTQ+ Listening Service when he was in…

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